The Linux booth at Assembly 2010

I’m spending the weekend at Assembly 2010, which is a demo party organized in Helsinki. The Finnish Linux User Group has organized a booth for the different Linux distributions. This year Ubuntu and Fedora are represented and I’m here as a Fedora Ambassador, of course.

We’ve had quite a lot of people visiting the booth during these first two days and have handed out lots of Fedora and Ubuntu CDs. People haven’t really come to the booth complaining about problems with Linux, which I think means desktop Linux is simple enough to use for those kind of people, who attend events like these. The first time I was at the booth on 2008 we had more people coming to us for help with driver issues and things like that.

While talking with people who came by to take Fedora CDs from the booth, I noticed a couple of issues with the current CD covers.

  • ‘Desktop Live Media’ versus ‘KDE Desktop Live Media’ is confusing and I think the ‘Desktop’ disk should say ‘GNOME’ somewhere on the cover.
  • Some people seem to think ‘Live Media’ as something that’s not installable. I noticed the Ubuntu disks say nothing about being ‘Live Media’, just that they’re ‘Desktop Editions’.

I sent an email about these thing to the Ambassadors list.

On a positive note, people also seem to think that the Fedora disk covers look nicer than the Ubuntu ones 🙂

I’ll attach some pictures of the booth as well:

The booth
The booth, notice our free software banner with Tux on it 🙂
The computers
The computer on the left is running Unigine Heaven (yes, with the closed source nVidia driver…) on Fedora and the computer on the right is showing Big Bug Bunny on Ubuntu.
People at the booth
People at the booth
The disks with a couple of Tuxes
The disks with a couple of Tuxes

Edit: One final thing: Thanks to Assembly Organizing for providing us with the booth space!






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