General stuff

I’m a Computer Science student from the University of Helsinki. In summer 2007 I took part in COSS Summercode Finland. At that time this blog was mainly about that, now it’s more about general Fedora stuff, with maybe something about MoinMoin and open source localization as well. Here’s my Fedora Wiki page.

I’ve been a Fedora user since FC2. Currently I’m the team leader for Fedora’s Finnish translation team, a Fedora developer and a Fedora Ambassador.

I’ve been programming on various languages for about ten years now and I’ve been interested in computers and other nerdy stuff as long as I can remember, basically… Last but not least, FOSS rocks! 😀


I have set up commenting so that I need to approve every comment myself before it gets published. This is just a method of trying to decrease spam. If your comment is somewhat related to the topic of the post and it gets past Akismet, I will most probably approve it. Thanks for posting comments!

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