Weekly report: week 29

I would have liked to make a blog post about how everything is just working that I had on my TODO list last week. But sadly that’s not quite the case. Updates handling works, though it still needs some testing. Info page importing kind of works, but there’s a problem.

I use makeinfo –docbook to convert the Texinfo files to DocBook XML, but the problem is that it doesn’t always produce well-formed XML, so the wiki pages aren’t rendered cleanly, the only thing it shows is the DocBook XML source. I guess I’ll just have to pass the Info pages which are causing problems.

I hope that I’ll find some solution in a couple of days, so that I could finally start doing the editing part. According to my calculations, I’ve been coding for 6 weeks now and there’s about 6 weeks of Summercode left, so I’m pretty much at the halfway point now. I feel like I still have a decent chance of finishing my project in time, it’s going to keep me busy, but still.

Edit: And again I forgot to categorize my post in the first save, sorry…

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