Mid-week report

Just a quick update on what’s going on: Sister diff is completed. So the only features missing from milestone 1 are “mass importing” of man pages and info page importing. It might be that I’ll leave the whole info page thing to next week, since there’s the problem that I mentioned in my previous post – info pages as such can’t be converted to DocBook XML, you need the Texinfo “masters” for that.

I’ll spend the rest of the week working with RPM importing. It seems that RPM repositories are a better source for the man pages than the CVS repository. If anyone wants to try changing my mind on that, feel free 😉

I’m not sure if I’ll get to updates handling yet this week, but importing an RPM repository’s man files might be a reasonable goal. I’ll probably work some hours on the weekend too.

So phase one may not be quite complete by the end of this week, but almost anyway. I’ll probably spend the first half of next week with the info file importing, updates handling and whatnot. The last part could hopefully be spent on the editing phase then.

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