• I’m going to Akademy 2010

    I haven’t been blogging in a long while, I hope this post will still make it into Planet Fedora and Planet Libre Finland. So, I’m going to Akademy 2010 on next Saturday. I’m not that much of a KDE contributor, I’ve done some translations and bug reports, but that’s all. As Akademy is probably the […]

  • Fedora 12 Beta and ATI Radeon HD 3450: pcie_asm=off or nomodeset needed

    In my previous post I wrote about BIOS problems with Fedora 12 and the Intel DP35DP motherboard. Sadly the problems didn’t stop there, I also had display problems with Fedora 12 Beta. My desktop computer has an ATI Radeon HD 3450 video card, which apparently has an RV620 chip. Fedora 12 has kernel modesetting (KMS) […]

  • Fedora 12 Beta / Linux Intel DP35DP mainboard requires BIOS update

    I updated my desktop computer to Fedora 12 Beta, or maybe I should say Rawhide because there are already lots of updated packages after the Beta release. The computer has the Intel DP35DP motherboard. When I tried to boot the Fedora 12 Beta kernel, which is 2.6.31.something, can’t remember the exact version anymore, the kernel […]

  • The Linux/open source friendly printer we finally bought

    A few days ago I wrote about trying to find a printer which works with open source drivers. When discussing the purchase with my parents, they mentioned that they’d like to get a color printer for printing photos and such. So the printer we actually ended up getting for them is the HP CM1312 MFP. […]

  • Any laser multifunction printers out there with open source Linux drivers?

    I’ll be updating this post when I get more information about multifunction laser printers with open source drivers. Dear Lazyweb, My parents would like to get a new laser printer, preferably an affordable multifunction one – I’ll probably be the one actually purchasing the device. They’re running Fedora 11 and I’d like to get them […]

  • Suomen kielen oikoluku Fedora 11:ssä

    This post is about Finnish language support on Fedora 11 and will be mostly in Finnish. See the first screenshot on how spell and grammar checking for Finnish works in OpenOffice.org with the openoffice.org-voikko extension by the Voikko project. This is to my knowledge the first time an open source grammar checker is available for […]

  • Mobile broadband configuration assistant on it’s way to Fedora 11

    I noticed a new NetworkManager/wpa_supplicant/mobile-broadband-provider-info update is now in Fedora 11 updates-testing. This update includes the mobile broadband configuration assistant and the mobile broadband provider database which are based on the work Antti Kaijanmäki did in Summercode Finland 2008. This how the first screen of the assistant looks like. I actually tested the assistant on […]

  • Mumble and Pulseaudio/gnome-volume-control weirdness

    I took part in the Finnish Linux podcast LinuCast this evening, talking about Fedora 11. I had serious issues with getting the microphone sound working with Mumble. I tested everything yesterday and things seemed to be working. Even during the pre-show talk everything worked. But once we went live on the stream, which is more […]

  • My thanks on the Thank a Dev Day: Virtaal, Voikko, Enchant, PyEnchant

    It’s apparently Thank a Dev Day. Initially I didn’t really want to “spam” anyone’s inboxes with messages. But it just so happened that I wanted to fix some typos in the Finnish translation of Fedora’s installer Anaconda and I do actually want to take this opportunity to thank some developers. I still don’t like the […]

  • Mozvoikko will be installed by default in Fedora 11’s Finnish support

    I just made the change to Fedora 11’s comps file so that Mozvoikko, the Finnish spell checking extension for Firefox, will be installed by default when using Finnish in the installer or when the “Finnish support” group is specifically selected. I could have done this for Fedora 10 already, but I decided to set Mozvoikko […]