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  • How to find the current ChromeOS Flex image

    Edit: The quick answer to the question by a reader of my blog, Julien: The info to download Chrome OS Flex from Linux is a bit hidden, but official info and link is available here: My dad has an Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431, codenamed Edgar. Google just stopped supporting it with ChromeOS, but it’s […]

  • SAS2008 LBA, Seagate Ironwolfs and scary log messages

    I built a home NAS two years ago, that was the first COVID summer and I finally had the time. It’s running Proxmox, which is running TrueNAS (then Core, now Scale) as a VM. An HBA card is passed directly to the TrueNAS VM. The HBA card is a Dell PERC H310, but I’ve crossflashed […]