Running Linux on a Lenovo Ideapad S12, part 2

Here’s the first post of what seems to be a series of posts now.


I wrote about acer-wmi being loaded on this netbook to the kernel’s platform-driver-x86 mailing list. That resulted in Chun-Yi Lee writing a patch which adds the S12 to the acer-wmi blacklist. Here’s the bug report.


I did a bit of googling on the ideapad-laptop module and noticed that Ike Panhc had written a series of patches which enable a few more of the Fn keys on the S12. The git repository for those patches is here. Those patches are also in linux-next already.

So, I cloned Linus’ master git tree, applied the acer-wmi patch and then git pulled Ike’s repo. Then I followed these instructions, expect that now Fedora’s sources are in git, so you need to do something like fedpkg co kernel;cd kernel;fedpkg prep and then find the suitable config file for you. Now I have a kernel which works pretty well on this system, except for the scheduling/sleep issue mentioned in the previous post.






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  1. Miika Kankare avatar
    Miika Kankare

    How exactly did you pull Ike’s repo? I have been trying to get the Ideapad things from the repo (Fn keys and such), but keep getting “Connection reset by peer”. This could be a problem on the server, but cloning actually seems to work.

    Cloning doesn’t quite cut it though. For some reason (maybe masochism) I want to combine Ike’s work with the Zen kernel. And that would require a pull it seems. I’m not a git expert so I could be doing something wrong. 🙂

  2. Ville-Pekka Vainio avatar

    Well, now that 2.6.38 development is already going on, you probably want the 2.6.37 stable as a base. Here’s what I did just to test that everything works:

    Clone the stable tree:
    git clone git://

    Pull Ike’s changes on top of that:
    git pull git://

    For whatever reason, zen-kernel’s website isn’t working for me at the moment and I’ve never heard about them before. If they provide git repos, it should be fairly similar, though. Clone the main repo and then pull Ike’s code.

  3. Miika Kankare avatar
    Miika Kankare

    Yeah, I actually tried to do that. Still receiving the “connection reset by peer” error.

    Maybe I’ll just wait the Zen developers start using 2.6.38 as a base and get the Ideapad patches through that.

    Thanks for your help anyway!

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