I’m going to Akademy 2010

I haven’t been blogging in a long while, I hope this post will still make it into Planet Fedora and Planet Libre Finland.

So, I’m going to Akademy 2010 on next Saturday. I’m not that much of a KDE contributor, I’ve done some translations and bug reports, but that’s all. As Akademy is probably the biggest Free Software event organized in Finland so far, I still decided to attend. Hotel rooms at Tampere aren’t exactly cheap, which is why I’ll only be there for the conference weekend. The Nokia Qt thing on Monday sounds interesting, though, so maybe I’ll either try booking an extra hotel night or just take a train for the day to Tampere.

If any other Fedora contributors are attending Akademy, maybe we could meet up?

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  1. Ryan Rix says:

    Keep an eye open for the confused looking American in a Fedora or KDE tee, i’ll be there 😉 Also, Jaroslav Reznik will, and maybe some other SIG members.

  2. I’ll see you guys there, then 😉

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