Mumble and Pulseaudio/gnome-volume-control weirdness

I took part in the Finnish Linux podcast LinuCast this evening, talking about Fedora 11. I had serious issues with getting the microphone sound working with Mumble.

I tested everything yesterday and things seemed to be working. Even during the pre-show talk everything worked. But once we went live on the stream, which is more or less directly recorded as a podcast episode, they couldn’t hear anything but crackle from me. I switched to my laptop while the show was running. Nothing changed. Then I decided to do a one last try with my desktop computer.

At that point I figured it out. As weird as it is, I needed to have the Sound Preferences window open while using Mumble. Otherwise the microphone sound would just crackle. Once I opened the Sound Preferences window, everything worked perfectly. The Sound Recorder program was working at all times, no matter if I had the Sound Preferences window open or not. Really weird. When the live show started, I had closed the Sound Preferences window in order to gain a bit more screen real estate as the window can’t be minimized, thus causing the sound problems.

Well, I got to say a couple of things about Fedora 11, it’s all in Finnish of course. Once the podcast is released, I’ll put the link on this blog, in case some Finnish Fedora user is interested.

Edit: For those who might not be reading the comments on my blog, here’s the bug report Casey filed about this issue.

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  1. Casey says:

    I ended up filing a bug about this problem: It hasn’t received any attention yet, though.

  2. Thanks, I’ve added my email address to the bug report.

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