Mozvoikko will be installed by default in Fedora 11’s Finnish support

I just made the change to Fedora 11’s comps file so that Mozvoikko, the Finnish spell checking extension for Firefox, will be installed by default when using Finnish in the installer or when the “Finnish support” group is specifically selected.

I could have done this for Fedora 10 already, but I decided to set Mozvoikko as optional instead and see if there would be any problems between Firefox and Mozvoikko. As there weren’t any, I thought it’d be good to have Mozvoikko as default.

I’ve also heard other people are working towards getting Mozvoikko installed by default in Ubuntu and Debian when using Finnish, Mandriva is apparently already doing so. I’m not sure about OpenSuse as I think packages can be added to the “core” only by Novell people, but various Voikko packages are available for OpenSuse as well.

Mozvoikko is being developed by the Voikko project, in case you want to have a look.

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