Fedora on the Finnish metro

While browsing through Flickr, I noticed this photo, taken by darkismus:

Fedora on the Finnish metro

That’s an info screen from a metro train of the Helsinki metro. It says “Welcome to Fedora Core” on the screen and you can see the traditional Red Hat style init messages going on 🙂

Helsinki is the only city in Finland which has a metro system (or a subway, which may be the more common name for it). At the same time it’s apparently the most northern metro system in the world. I use the metro quite often, but I’ve never seen the info screen system booting myself. Although these days you could probably assume that a lot of these types of systems actually run some sort of Linux distribution anyway.

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  1. bochecha says:


    Quite reassuring.

    What I saw last week-end was the reboot sequence of an ATM here in Paris (France).

    The machine then booted Windows NT 4.

    The best thing in this story is that my credit card was inside the whole time :-/

  2. So that’s Fedora Core 6 at the latest, since following Fedora releases dropped the “Core” moniker.

    Always fun to see older OS releases being used in stand-alone kiosks (one better hopes they are not remotely accessible, otherwise it’s a scary proposition). NT and OS/2 seem quite popular as well.

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