Fedora 9: Fonts in KDE 4

I just spotted this thread in fedora-list about KDE and fonts. Apparently the default font in Fedora 9’s KDE 4 is Nimbus Sans L. I switched the font in my KDE to DejaVu Sans earlier – just like Kevin Kofler recommends – but forgot to write about it in my previous posts. This font looks quite nice in KDE, I recommend making the switch if you use KDE and haven’t switched yet.

Here’s what Kevin wrote in case you can’t be bothered to read the mailing list thread 😉 :

In System Settings, pick Appearance, Fonts, Adjust all fonts…, check Font and set it to DejaVu Sans, check Font style and set it to Regular.

I have no idea why this isn’t being picked up as the default font, it’s supposed to. For some reason, it’s defaulting to “Sans Serif” and interpreting that as “Nimbus Sans L”, whereas it would be expected to default to “Sans” which is a FontConfig alias for “DejaVu Sans”.

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  1. Rex Dieter says:

    Looks like we’ve found and squashed this,

  2. Thanks Rex and the whole KDE SIG 🙂

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