Weekly report: week 33

Last week introduced a lot of code cleanups, some of which will also hopefully save some memory. I also made a fix for one problem we had with my Fedora test environment, but I’m not sure if it’ll go to Moin main branch, as it seems Moin was meant to give up and crash at that point. Then I implemented a man/info page exclusion feature, which can be used to avoid processing files that are known to cause problems with doclifter. I also did some base work for this week’s new features.

Sadly last week was a bit unproductive for me, I did some code on Monday, then Tuesday was more about planning on what should be done with the storage/editing format. I decided to use DocBook for now and implement all of the other features around it and then see if there’s time to do the DocBook -> wiki markup -> DocBook conversions. This seems to be OK with my mentor too. On Wednesday I had a terrible headache for the whole day, probably caused by the hot weather we had, so I couldn’t work at all. Then on Thursday and Friday I was back on coding, but the weekend was busy with other things.

Gladly I took back some of the missed coding hours yesterday with a near 12-hour coding spree 😉 I implemented a ManSource action, which produces man source from the DocBook XML that’s in the wiki and gives the man file to the user. Info support will also happen soon.

This week I’m going to implement an action for getting a diff from the wiki compared to upstream man/info source. Then there’s an interesting thing missing: Moin can’t display lists in info pages converted to DocBook, so I guess I should try to add support for those to the XSLT stylesheets Moin uses for the display of HTML from DocBook XML.

After those are done, I should have all the features completed except the wiki markup stuff. I’m starting to think that I should maybe spend these two weeks I have left of Summercode for adding new features and not spending so much time on testing. After Summercode is over and I can also accept patches from the community, we could do some testing in the community and fix bugs together. The only thing I actually have doubts about is (still) the updates handling. Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t notice all non-updated packages and does useless work…

But I guess that’s it for this week, back to coding now 🙂

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